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Land Demarcation

Using our Kasht.Pro Mobile App, users have demarcated an average of 100 hectares of farmland every minute. For the land demarcation system, we have developed a 100×100 meter grid to divide and organize regional data. For added precision, the farmland grid is further subdivided into 5×5 meter blocks.

Satellite Imaging

We run raw multispectral images provided by USGS Satellites through our spectral index algorithms. By correlating these indices with our two-tier geospatial Grid, we enable our customers to use the latest satellite imaging data for their businesses instantly. Also, our analytics engine allows users to compare and export farming analytics through our Agri-Intelligence system.




Acres Of Land
Under Surveillance


Km2 of Mapped


Our regional and crop-based knowledge archives, developed by industry experts, provide detailed, up-to-date information on agriculture practices. Using this knowledge archive, and farming data from each region, our Agri-Intelligence Engine can establish trends, predictions and performance models for each stage of crop growth. Moreover, Agri-Intelligence can provide hundreds of best practices and recommendations, including disease and pest-control methods, to farmers as they track crop growth through our Farmer App.

Field Operations

Dynamically define a range of services and programmes, including farm surveys, crop consultations, loan applications, insurance coverage and claims analysis, more. Assign and manage field operations for users. Allocate funds and schedule tasks automatically. Analyze collected data, service development targets, costs and activities.

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